Business Representation

New Businesses

The economy has been a roller coaster ride as of late; unemployment is high; jobs are hard to find. With that, more people are starting their own businesses.

If you are starting your own business there are many considerations and decisions that need to be made from the structure of your business, compliance with regulations, financing options to what is necessary for employees.

Charlton & Charlton represents businesses and offers a variety of business services:

Existing Businesses and General Counsel Services

If you’re a new business looking to start-up or an existing business, how nice is it to say to a vender or customer “I’ll have my lawyer take a look at it.” When you are faced with a contract that you just had handed to you or a letter from the government telling you that you need to take some certain action, most people know they should have a lawyer review it for them, but they don’t have one.

Charlton & Charlton represents businesses by providing them with general counsel services. We understand that running a small or medium sized business does NOT lend itself to having an attorney on staff. Also, you can’t have the luxury of an attorney reviewing your issues at some huge hourly rate. We understand this because we are a small business ourselves. We understand the daily travails of running and managing your business. That is why we offer our General Counsel Package to clients. We offer this package at a reduced hourly rate with negotiable rates for other services that do not fall under the package (such as litigation).

Business Litigation

If you own a business, chances are that at some point you will be in litigation. It is part of doing business in today’s world. Charlton & Charlton represents clients in the following matters

We have experience in litigating complex business matters and disputes from negotiations/settlement through jury trials. All of which requires attention to detail and a knowledge of the client’s business. Not a “what do you do”, superficial knowledge, but an in-depth conversation and visiting your plant or company type of knowledge. As is our philosophy, we get to know our clients.