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My Spouse Just Asked for a Divorce- What Do I Do Now?

Family Law cases are full of challenges and complications, which can leave both parties feeling upset or unsatisfied. When you add in the considerations of children, financial situations or even inexperience with the Family Law system, your case can leave you feeling lost or overwhelmed. Often times, you will have heard horror stories from your friends and colleagues regarding their own divorce or custody cases, where they left the situation with little to show except a hefty attorney's bill.

Let Charlton Law help you through this trying time. We have the experience to not only work hard on your behalf to achieve exceptional results, but to guide you through the emotions associated with one of the most difficult times in your life. Our holistic approach to family law is focused on results and cost-effectiveness. This is achieved by attempting negotiations outside of the courtroom so as to reduce costs and stress. If these negotiations prove ineffective due to a stubborn spouse (or their attorney), Charlton Law will effectively and fiercely advocate on your behalf in a trial setting.

Attorney Jamey Belin is trained in the practice of collaborative Family Law. Collaborative Family Law is an approach where a team of trained professionals work with a divorcing couple to reach a solution that takes into account the interests of all family members. It is a transparent approach built on honesty and voluntary exchange of all relevant information. Using the collaborative approach, the parties completely avoid the courtroom setting since it is agreed in writing that neither party will seek court intervention. Experience has shown that when the parties use Collaborative Family Law they exit their marriage with a more amicable relationship and the ability to co-parent successfully.

Charlton Law represents Family Law clients in matters such as:

  • Divorce representation
    • Assisting clients in choosing the right basis for divorce
    • Negotiations
    • Drafting of Marriage Settlement Agreement
    • Litigation
  • Child custody
  • Child/spousal support
  • Adoption
  • Pre-nuptial agreements

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